Residential Meets

Renowned as the most engaging residential meetings in town, we ideate and bring together various elements representing the ideologies or the theme to be portrayed throughout the event. We incorporate the tiniest details required to make our clients feel special and welcomed.

Rewards and Recognition

We understand how important it is to showcase motivation, encouragement and recognise the achievers of any organization. While understanding the details that go into curating a rewards and recognition event, we lay emphasis on ensuring every attendee feels a sense of belongingness and is appreciated for their efforts. We bring to you customized events with last technology, creative themes, engagement zones and many more …

Exhibitions & Stalls

We bring the best out of your marketing efforts while you opt for the exhibitions and stalls. Your reputation for excellence will be magnified by our expertise in sketching the breathtaking designs and layouts.

As leading exhibition organizers in India, we devise the concept that can define your brand while connecting to the prospects. Our efforts certainly make you stand apart from the peers. At the same time, our team always focuses on bringing the innovation in services to be the best exhibition and stall designers in India.

Incentive Events

Each organization has its ways of commemorating achievers for their achievements; we are here to enhance that experience for you. From pre-event ideation to main event execution, we take care of the entire from A to Z. Let us know what you have in mind and we shall make it work for you.

Sales Kick-Off

Year on year, this is one such event that boosts the morale of an employee. An event that paves the path towards the year that lies ahead. Bringing together the seriousness and the engagement during this event is our sole motto. From destination choices to activities during the event, we deliver the entire package for you.

Product Launch

Getting together various stakeholders of a product launch with maximum coverage is what we seek for our clients. A product launch is to introduce a new member of a family which should be no less than an extraordinary affair, thus we make it an extraordinary product launch.

Corporate Wellness Programme

The changing lifestyle is bringing not only good but also the not so good side with it to the masses. We believe in encouraging and promoting healthy lifestyle among corporate houses making it a fitness hub which would indirectly benefit the society as a whole. We have introduced a Corporate Wellness Programme that will encourage employees to switch to healthier lifestyles, creating a healthy environment around them.

Destination Management

The destination management services entitle you to accomplish your objectives in any corner of the world. However, destination management involves a strong negotiation and agile administration to conduct an event successfully.

Being one of the best destination event companies in India, Frame events have delivered real values of the investment.

Speakers, Artists and Entertainment

Air Ticketing and Visa

Corporate Gifting

Digital Equipped